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9 Strong and Fast Methods How To Get Rid of Blackheads Overnight

Pimples are skin ‘imperfections’ that can ruin your day if they appear when you less expect it. Fortunately there are some natural remedies that will help you get rid of them quite fast.

  1. Cucumber

Cucumber is rich in minerals and vitamins (A, C and E) having cooling properties for the skin.

Soak the slices of two cucumbers in some water for an hour. Use the resulting water to clean your face, then apply on the affected area a mask made of ground cucumber. Allow the remedy action for about 20 minutes, then rinse your skin with warm water.

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  1. Tea tree oil

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, tea tree oil keeps bacteria at distance and removes microorganisms and impurities that give birth to pimples. At the same time, it has anti-inflammatory properties, which means that it successfully removes dead cells and open your pores.

Soak a cotton pad in diluted tea tree oil and apply it on the pimple. Let the oil sit up to 20 minutes, then rinse it off. Alternatively, you can apply on your skin a mixture of Aloe Vera gel and tea tree oil, following the same directions.

  1. Toothpaste

After you have washed well your face, spread some toothpaste over your pimples. For better results we recommend you to use a white paste.

  1. Ice

Ice is perfect for pimples as it relieves the inflammation in a matter of minutes.

Take a cloth and cover the ice, then press it on the pimples for several minutes.

  1. Baking soda

Among its so many properties and benefits, baking soda can also help you fight pimples, even if you have sensitive skin.

Prepare a paste by mixing several drops of water with baking soda. Apply the remedy on your clean skin, then let sit until it gets dry. Eventually, rinse of with tepid water and moisture your skin.

  1. Peppermint

Peppermint has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, preventing pimple formation by eliminating the bacteria.

Extract the juice from the peppermint leaves by crushing them, then apply in on your skin. Let the juice sit for about 10 minutes, then wash your face with cold water. Alternatively, you can apply several drops of peppermint oil directly on the pimples. Massage several moments the area, then remove the oil with warm water.

  1. Aspirin

Aspirin reduces the swelling of the skin and eliminates the inflammations.

Crush some aspirin and soak the resulting powder in water in order to obtain a thick paste. Cover the pimples with the resulting paste and let it sit for 4-5 minutes or overnight, if you want to make your pimple vanish right away.

  1. Lemon juice

Lemon juice has anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it can help you eliminate pimples.

Squeeze a lemon, then soak a cotton ball in the juice. Apply it on the affected area in the evening and let it rest until bedtime. Wash your face and apply a skin moisture. Alternatively, you can apply on your skin a paste made of equal amounts of cinnamon and lemon juice (1 tsp), leaving it action for 3-4 hours. At bedtime, wash your skin. In case of sensitive skin, avoid this treatment as it may cause irritation.

  1. Honey

Honey has antibacterial properties and hydrates well your skin, promoting its health. Apply some raw honey on your pimples and let it sit for about 1 hour before rinsing it off with warm water.

10. Epsom salt

Another excellent and natural way to get rid of blackheads simply at home. Mix one teaspoon of salt and just a few drops of iodine in a glass of hot water and then wait until the salt dissolves. Wait for the hot water to cool until it has a normal temperature. You can use one cotton swab to apply the liquid where you need to. Wait a few minutes so that the mixture can dry and then use a clean towel to wash it away.

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