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How to correctly shave your armpits

Shaving is one of the most efficient and low-cost ways to remove underarm hair. The most common methods include using a safety razor or an electric shaver. Using a straight razor is not recommended.

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  • Use a safety razor

It is often easiest to shave in the shower or during a bath. Water will soften the skin,and this way you can prevent to get cut while shaving.

You can use shaving gel,lotion or shampoo to soften your skin.Cover the entire area with a generous amount of lubricant. By doing this you can help soften the skin and make a smoother shave possible.

Hold the razor in your other hand and start by shaving in the direction of hair growth.If you don’t have a sensitive skin,you can shave in both directions,up and down as underarm hair may grow in many different directions.

Rinse the razor after each stroke. For the smoothest shave it is best to remove foam and cut hair strands.

After you finish shaving,rinse under both hands with warm water to remove any remaining foam or loose hair.

Your skin will be sensitive so consider to use a gentle moisturizer.You also need to consider that is better to shave at night to allow the skin to rest and heal before applying any products.

  • Use an electric razor

Some newer models can be used with wet or dry skin, but the typical electric razor is designed only for dry use. Review the packaging to be certain which kind of razor you have. Electric appliances should never be used in the shower or bath. Wet shavers can be used on wet skin, but should not be used while you bathe.

Knowing in advance what type of motion to use will ensure a close shave and reduce the risk of cuts or abrasions,so if your razor has a rotary mechanism then it will be most effective if you move it in a circular motion. But if, it is a foil shaver then repeated back and forth strokes will provide the smoothest shave

First, clean your underarm hair to remove oils or  deodorant residue.Lifting your arm in a way to keep your skin smooth and tight will reduce the risk to get caught in the razor. Shave against the grain of the hair.This may entail strokes in several different directions to ensure the closest shave.

At the beginning you will have problems with your skin because it may become sensitive and irritated.But after a few weeks of using this method  your skin will get use to it .In case you still have problems with irritation consult a dermatologist.

Like most electrical products, shavers perform best when they are properly cared for. Replace worn out parts and clean the razor regularly. Over time the razor may become dull, adding to the risk of cuts. The owner’s manual will likely contain information about how to order and install replacement parts.

Most of electric shaver are designed for men to use on facial hair,and not always is a good choice for women.Try to find on the market same products,designed for women.

How to correctly shave your armpits

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