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Eat 2 Bananas per day for one month to regulate blood pressure, fight depression or to fight ulcer

Did you know that bananas are the most consumed fruit in the United States? You may have thought that Americans prefer oranges or apples, but there is a reason for which they prefer bananas: their properties. We all know that bananas are green before they get ripe and receive their known color – yellow. In time, dark spots start to appear on the peel, which most people believe to be a sign indicating that the banana is getting rot.

To your surprise, we will tell you that these spots announce you that the banana has reached its maturity, being perfect in taste and properties. Most important to highlight is the fact that now, is when the TNF substance can be found among banana’s nutrients.

TNF is a substance that eliminates abnormal cells that usually cause cancer. Its role is to create a link between the cells of the immune system and the damaged ones, in order to restore the balance.

Properties of bananas

They combats ulcers

Due to their soft texture, bananas can prevent corrosive acids from damaging your stomach and the formation of irritations.

They treat depression

Among the components of bananas we find tryptophan, an agent that transforms into serotonin, once it takes contact with your body. As the serotonin transports the information to your brain, it will instantly change your mood, providing you with a sensation of happiness and relaxation.

They controls the body temperature

Bananas can regulate the temperature of your body. This is why they can decrease fever and refresh you during hot summer days.

They control blood pressure

Apart from iron, bananas are also rich in potassium and sodium. In this way, they maintain the health of your heart and reduce the risk of strokes and diseases.

They combats anemia

Bananas are rich in minerals and manage to ensure the necessary amount to your body. Their main role is to increase the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells, two factors responsible for a clean blood.

They provide the body with energy

Bananas can make your day. By simply eating 1-2 bananas every morning, you will manage to be energetic, thanks to their components: vitamins, which nourish your system, minerals, which prevent muscle cramps and low-glycemic carbohydrates, which increase the stamina production.

They calm your nerves

Bananas have plenty of vitamin B, an enzyme which helps your system control the blood sugar level. By doing so, it improves your nervous system, relaxes your senses and calms your mind.

They can treat constipation

The rich content of fiber makes banana consumption an ally in having a regular bowel and treating constipation.

They relieve heartburn

The soft texture of these fruits, will combat the acid reflux and diminish the heartburn, making you forget about the existing discomfort.

See how powerful bananas are? Now that you know, you will think twice before throwing those bananas with spotted peel.