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The shocking effects of 60 days without sugar in your body!

There are many people who are convinced that a diet which excludes sugar will help them stay fit and healthy. Following the ‘advices’ of the advertisements, they usually focus on consuming cereals, sport drinks, fruit yogurt, fruit juices or muesli plate.

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However a recent experiment highlights the fact that after 2 months of diet, the liver started to malfunction, creating the fatty liver disease. In addition, the person who followed this diet started to manifest mental imbalance. Fortunately, his doctor managed to stop him in time.

The point here is that you have to be very careful with the type of food you choose to consume as there are products which contain lot of sugar, but it is presented under a different name on the label. The danger is omnipresent as mass media promotes certain foods as being healthy and sugar-free, when in fact they contain its components.

In trying to offer their children a healthy lifestyle, parents are most reliable to fall in this trap. For instance, they opt for cereals because they are supposed to be healthy. However, they fail to accept the fact that most of the cereals they will find on the market are covered in chocolate, caramel or contain various types of dry fruits.

Fortunately, you have the possibility to choose your cereals correct. In this sense, you need to know the origin of the sugar:

  • If it comes from dried fruits, then a bar of cereals should not exceed 15 grams;
  • If it comes from glucose syrup or other ingredients, the bar should contain maximum 10 grams of sugar.

It is very important to read carefully the labels of every product you buy, because 80 % of the food production contains sugar. No matter if you are a child or an adult, this rule is valid for everyone who wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but adults are more responsible and should be the ones who make the right choices.

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