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Two Best Remedies to Whiten Teeth at Home

Are you concerned that your smile may affect others’ opinion about you? Well, try to be more positive and gain your confidence with little tricks that can help you have whiter teeth. In this way, you can step in crowded places without being embarrassed of who you are or how you look.

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The general opinion about teeth whitening procedures says that they are very expensive. True. But only if you think about dental procedures. Fortunately for you, there are other remedies that not only will cost you nothing, but will also help you solve your problem.

One of the best ingredients used to whiten teeth is coconut oil. Even if it seems gross, coconut oil is not only used to restore the elasticity of your skin or hydrate it. It is also used to maintain your teeth healthy.

In this sense, there are multiple benefits that coconut oil has for your mouth. On one hand, as it is sticky, coconut oil manages to trap all the toxins present in your mouth, eliminating them the moment you spit the oil out. In this way coconut oil will create a barrier against germs that try to damage your teeth and gums. On the other hand, coconut oil can be used to remove dental plaque and whiten your teeth due to the antibacterial properties. The process itself is called oil pulling and is very easy to follow.

Remedy: introduce 2 tbsp of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it for about 20 minutes. Make sure you spread the oil all over your mouth before spitting it out. Rinse your mouth with tepid water and then wash your teeth as usual. Make sure you don’t swallow the coconut oil in your mouth as it is full of bacteria and germs. If you wish to have positive effects soon, you should repeat the procedure on a daily basis.

If you hate the oily taste of coconut oil, there is another ingredient you can use to whiten your teeth – hydrogen peroxide. It also has antibacterial and bleaching properties. Present also in the composition of toothpaste, this remedy must be used in concentration of 3% as more can be dangerous for your oral health. You can use hydrogen peroxide in two ways: as a mouthwash or in combination with baking soda.

Instead of buying mouthwash, you can prepare it by yourself. Dilute 2 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide in ½ cup of water. Use the resulting mixture as a mouthwash and keep it in your mouth for 2 minutes before throwing it from your mouth. Wash your teeth with water and then the brushing should be performed as usual.

In what concerns the combination with baking soda, a paste can be prepared, that you can use as a toothpaste from time to time. Combine 2 tsp of hydrogen peroxide and 3 tbsp of baking soda and mix well until you get a thick paste. Apply it on the brush and wash your teeth as usual. Eventually, clean your mouth with water and usual toothpaste.

Now that you know how you can easily get whiter teeth, you should act. You can use these remedies on a regular basis and transform them in a routine. They are cheap and everybody can buy them. If you know how to take care of your teeth you will enjoy all the pleasures of life…


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